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In today’s day and age, ability to train on company-specific needs is imperative to maintaining a constant state of readiness.  Infosec Learning can deliver any or all of the below services to assure your staff has the ability to defend the front line.

infosec business

Training in a controlled and secure environment.

  • Over 200 off the shelf training labs with integrated auto-scoring.

  • Ability to create custom training for nearly any skill.

  • Robust user experience with the ability to deploy networked VMs at a massive scale.

  • Deep administrator dashboard to track the use, success, and ability of your users.

  • Ability to deploy a Cyber Range to replicate your current stack.

  • Allow your users to train in an environment they see on a daily basis.

  • Ability to create custom environments to screen potential candidates, assuring they have the skills you are looking for.

Talent Assessment

The inevitable question is how important is your organization able to assess the cyber ability of your current employees and how quickly can they be trained in various skills?

Many companies want to make sure they are hiring the best talent for their open positions, but what is the best way to screen an applicant and the skills they possess? We believe the proof is in the pudding and work with companies to create hands on assessments to definitively show if someone has the skills they require to do the job. This allows companies to weed through the talent pool based on necessary skills before ever conducting an interview. 

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