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We provide an online hands-on experience for skillset readiness in information technology.

Infosec’s cloud based, scalable, self-assessing virtual platform and labs are ideal for any school, business, or agency wanting to train and/or assess on any cyber or information security skill. 

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Global threats to cyber infrastructure and applications are growing dramatically every year. The demands of those protecting these vital assets are outpacing the ability to defend. Infosec Learning turns nearly any crucial training gap in information technology into a measurable skillset.

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Through Infosec’s strategic partnership with the National CyberWatch Center, we can help you get your certificate or degree program off the ground or improve a current program. 

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Top-notch, easy-to-use technology

Our cloud-based infrastructure — all HTML 5, no plugins needed — delivers step-by-step lab tutorials with corresponding virtual machines that introduce students to the latest real world tools and technologies. Our analytics and full LTI integrations with your school or company’s LMS simplify tracking and recording student progress.

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Integrative, customizable course platform

Assign our off-the-shelf labs — there are over 200 to choose from — or give us your lab content to host on our learning platform. Don’t have content ready? Give us your learning objectives and we’ll write labs for you.

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Workforce Ready through Real-World Preparation

We empower your learners to acquire the necessary skills to be workforce ready with industry-validated labs mapped to certifications. We can deliver labs with no up-front cost to your organization. Our self-grading labs are easy to assign, navigate, and maintain: we handle all help desk calls, infrastructure updating and maintenance for you. Our labs are supported by our integrated Instructor Resource Center.

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What Our Clients are Saying

These labs are rock solid, and your crew has saved me so much time and stress that occurs when I have to set up the security labs myself. Frankly, these are the best sets of labs I’ve ever used.

Roger Findley - Laramie County CC

I love the platform you have put together and am very impressed with how well your system works.

Kristopher B. Rosenberg - Oregon Institute of Technology

Thank you so much for all your help! This company has really great customer service and I really appreciate it :)

Student - Thomas Nelson Community College

I like how each lab walks the students through all of the necessary steps, but on the actual equipment. Great perspective! Top-notch environment you have here!

‪Jeremy Reuter, CCDA - Southwestern Illinois College

Our students have remarked what a great platform it is. They are getting real life experience demonstrating skills they have learned!

Sara Akers - Terra State Community College

Each lab model is perfectly designed and the most thoroughly choreographed display of instruction and graphics I have seen.   An amazing array of pedagogically designed curriculum. 

Ron Gonzales - National University

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