Customer Use Cases


Increasingly Corporations are employing technology to vet incoming talent and to upskill existing talent.  We have corporate partners who leverage our software platform to accomplish both tasks.  In terms of pre-hire skill assessment, we provide customized cyber ranges that assess critical job-ready skills.  These ranges are customized to specific job requirements and provide the employer with a means to de-risk hiring decisions. 

To upskill, we’ve created customized lab environments that duplicate proprietary network and software applications for training.

Software Companies

We partner with a leading software company that provides security information and event management, log management, network, and endpoint monitoring and forensics, and security.  They were looking for a software platform to provide labs for both education programs and customer training.  Infosec Learning is the platform that they chose over many others including in-house capabilities.  The reason?  Scalability, cost, performance, support, instructional design, and learning performance reporting.

Training Companies

We have multiple partners that provide training pathways for professionals seeking to upskill and prepare for certifications.  Many of these partners have highly defined programs that map skills and certifications to career pathways most of which require “hands-on skill” development.   Our software platform is used for the hands-on portion and is embedded in many of the programs these companies provide to their customers. Also, as skills evolve, they leverage our customization process to rapidly evolve their programs.

Certification Providers


Increasingly certification providers are looking to include more experiential learning, hands-on skills, and technology-enabled learning in their preparation courses. We have a major certification provider who uses our software platform to provide highly tailored labs that specifically map to their certification domains.

Certification Preparation

We have up-to-date, and comprehensive certification preparation solutions that include labs, certification prep practice tests, and cyber ranges that can dramatically improve test outcomes for learners.

Staffing Companies

Our labs and curriculum solutions will ensure your employer partners get the best trained and skilled cyber professionals possible. Our solutions provide training, and skill assessment tools to help you make that possible.