Custom Lab Development


You have a lab(s) you’d like to see deployed on our platform:

With your initial input and guidance, we can build, test, deploy the existing lab(s) for you.

You design and build:

We provide you with the ability to design and build your own labs and leverage our services to test, perfect, and deploy the labs on our platform.

For both scenarios, we leverage our vast network of subject matter experts (SME’s) who are either working professionals or teachers (or both) to either assist in the deployment of existing labs on our platform or to assist in the design the lab or cyber range capability you seek.  

Our technical staff works through the lab ingestion process while our SME’s work with our  technical edit team to ensure accuracy and consistency in the labs and assessments.   

From there, our Quality Assurance (QA) team works with you to ensure the lab and all its components works properly and is ready to deliver the outcomes you seek.

Our Approach

Infosec’s goal is to continually create the best possible step-by-step training labs that are well thought out, drive skills and provide a great experience for the learner. The design of each step will be reviewed by Infosec once the lab is submitted. Once the lab is styled and copy edited, it will be uploaded to the environment, and then tech edited. Any questions about the lab will be directed back to the author.

As a best practice, this is how the best labs are made in the quickest time:

1. Login into the lab environment and start the Author Sandbox lab.

2. Open a new Word document where you will begin writing or inputing the sections of your lab.

3. Actually work through the lab as you write it so you can capture the needed screenshots as you go.

4. This assures the lab works as it should and users can finish the lab in 50-60 minutes.

All lab development or deployment ideas can be submitted to