Why Our Solution Is Best

Our customers have very nice things to say about us:

  • How we impact student learning.
  • How we can customize virtually anything.
  • How easy, reliable, and enjoyable the learning experience is. 
  • How convenient and actionable our learning performance data is.

Faculty Testimonials

We asked faculty members what they thought about the Infosec Learning platform. Here's what they had to say.

Andy Green
Kennesaw State University

I really like the pre-built labs, very high quality and the student support is excellent.

Michael Cesarz
Schoolcraft College

Love having a real virtual machine to work from that does not try to pigeon-hole the student into a specific way of doing things.

Francis L Mayer
Harford Community College

The labs are very robust and they are live virtual machines that are not a simulation. This makes them smooth and the capture the flag type system to credit students is very clever and flexible.

James Graham
Wake Technical Community College

Better than some other tools that have been used by my team.

Keith Nabozny
Macomb Community College

Consistency and realism. I like that the virtual machines are consistent for each student and that they are more realistic than simulations.

Howard H. Licht
Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology

It gives the look and feel of real life scenarios.

Jim Furstenberg
Jim Furstenberg

Simple, fast, and GREAT support - Jim and crew are awesome.

Brady Boswell

The labs themselves are interactive and have good content.