CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst+

CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst+
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Welcome to CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst+ CS0-002. This course provides the basic knowledge needed to analyze, monitor, and protect cybersecurity resources in a vendor-neutral format. It includes threat intelligence, vulnerability management, network reconnaissance and monitoring, secure policies and procedures, host and network security, identity management systems, and incident response. This course maps to the CompTIA Cybersecurity+ certification exam CS0-002.

Objective Coverage is marked throughout the course. You will benefit most from this course if you intend to take the CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst+ CS0-002 exam.

This course assumes that you have some applied knowledge of computers, networks, and cybersecurity principles. Knowledge equivalent to the CompTIA Security+ certification is helpful but not necessary.

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Days of Training: 5
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  • Course Setup

Chapter 1: Understanding threats

  • Module A: Threats and vulnerabilities
  • Module B: Threat intelligence
  • Module C: Automation technologies

Chapter 2: Policy design

  • Module A: Security policies
  • Module B: Controls and procedures

Chapter 3: Vulnerability management

  • Module A: Risk management programs
  • Module B: Vulnerability assessment
  • Module C: Vulnerability management programs

Chapter 4: Recognizing vulnerabilities

  • Module A: Attack strategies
  • Module B: System vulnerabilities
  • Module C: Application exploits

Chapter 5: Network threats

  • Module A: Network vulnerabilities
  • Module B: Cloud vulnerabilities

Chapter 6: Reconnaissance

  • Module A: Reconnaissance techniques
  • Module B: Active reconnaissance
  • Module C: Analyzing scan results

Chapter 7: Network security systems

  • Module A: Network security systems
  • Module B: Logging and monitoring

Chapter 8: Network defense techniques

  • Module A: Data analysis
  • Module B: Threat hunting

Chapter 9: Secure infrastructure management

  • Module C: Data protection
  • Module D: Hardening networks
  • Module E: Cryptographic security
  • Module F: Identity systems

Chapter 10: Secure system design

  • Module A: Hardware assurance
  • Module B: Hardening hosts and devices
  • Module C: Software assurance

Chapter 11: Incident Response

  • Module A: Incident response planning
  • Module B: Incident response procedures
  • Module C: Forensic toolkits