Workforce Training

InfoSec Learning has integrated best of breed technology delivery, curriculum design, and professional educators to deliver a program that takes a student with a basic knowledge of networking technology to a level of competency that will allow them to immediately advance their career in a variety of jobs in the fast growing and evolving field of cyber and information security. These fields include: Chief Security Officers, Cyber Security Analysts, Digital Forensics Experts, and more.


  • Instructor Effectiveness: Our credentialed instructors account for decades of online instruction. They are available to answer questions and assure each student is comprehending the theory behind the content as well as the practice of it. Our approach to instruction ensures the student can effectively traverse the courses knowing there will be an instructor with real-world experience ready to help. This also allows our partner institutions additional speed to market.
  • Our instructors come equipped with all credentials to assure your students hit the ground running such as CISSP, the SSCP, Security+, Ethical Hacker, CISM, and CISA.


  • Each of these ten courses ranges from 17-30 hours and provides training for some of the most in-demand areas of cyber and information security.
  • Interactive, engaging, interesting: real-world labs provide students with hands-on experience in the field of Cyber Security. Students are challenged to perform equipment-based hands-on labs in a virtual, cloud based environment. This eliminates the need for capital investment, drives retention, and assures learning outcome performance.
  • InfoSec’s curriculum solution delivers principles, real-world applications, tools, and techniques used in today’s careers in IT, cyber, and information security.
  • A completely digital curriculum solution consisting of eBooks, online e-learning courses with flash animations, and a heavy dose of applied hands-on labs. All of which is hosted in a proprietary LMS, that targets student interaction.


  • It’s all in the delivery: InfoSec knows that self-paced courses take a special type of delivery. That’s why we created an intuitive, self-explanatory, and user-friendly platform that allow students to effectively navigate the modular content.
  • Our online courses and licenses eliminate your institution’s need for classroom space, prep time, hardware, software, equipment, and IT support.
  • Mitigating CAPEX purchases of IT equipment, hardware, and software and replacing with an OPEX delivery model with service level agreements.
  • InfoSec hosted services features include:
    • Full Redundancy Hosting: Uptime capacity is our primary concern. The entire technology delivery infrastructure is designed from the ground up to deliver maximum reliability.
    • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee: We have been successful in achieving this standard with each and every customer. We guarantee this at the application level and the network level.
    • Scalable Infrastructure: The cloud based design allows our virtual lab solution to infinitely scale and proprietary LMS targets student retention.
    • Security: Our network security is provided by a design that involves a chain of routers, firewalls, and filters that track, monitor, and protect the network to ensure maximum levels of security.

Delivering Hands-On Experience Online

  • The lab solution is an online, remote accessible laboratory environment giving students a real-world hands-on experience that provides the necessary skills-set readiness needed to perform entry-level security practitioner support.
  • The real sizzle behind the InfoSec offering lies in these labs. No longer do schools have to create their own lab environment, spend mountains of money for implementation and upkeep, and/or incur the costs of customization.
  • Software licensing costs and maintenance are now a thing of the past. With our labs all the software licenses are managed by InfoSec, assuring all the software is the most up to date version.