Degree Programs

InfoSec learning has the ability to allow our partner institutions to quickly begin offering a certificate, associate, bachelor, and/or master's degree in cyber and information security. We give you the tools, curriculum, and services needed to begin enrolling students in a high job growth program(s). Our tuition share model ensures each partner that cash flow will not be a barrier to the market. InfoSec's integration services allow our partners to seamlessly integrate our content into their current Learning Management System (LMS). Features of our integration services include:

  • Consultation
  • Course Template Adaption
  • Project Management

A Complete Curriculum Solution for Cyber and Information Security

Our curriculum solutions deliver principles, real-world applications, tools, and techniques used in today's careers in IT, cyber, and information security.

  • A completely digital curriculum solution consisting of print book, eBooks, SCORM compliant online e-learning courses with flash animations, and 130 applied hands-on labs.
  • Our assets can support any combination of classroom delivered, online e-learning delivered, or blended curriculum delivery solutions.

Each course has 10 hands-on applied labs that can be molded into any semester delivery format. Each of the hands-on labs are equipment based and delivered in a secure, cloud based environment. Each course can be fine-tuned to support 900 to 1200 minutes of hands-on lab activity throughout the course's duration.

InfoSec Learning lets your institution deliver a rapidly scalable, high-enrollment program that is in demand in today's business marketplace. InfoSec Learning takes a pro-active approach towards solving the following common business challenges for higher-education institutions:

  • Maintaining accreditation with content assets that can be "customized" to fit within existing curriculum designs
  • Eliminating classroom delivered hands-on lab dependency and prep time with classroom hardware, software, equipment, and IT infrastructure support
  • Mitigating CAPEX purchases of IT equipment, hardware, and software and replacing with an OPEX delivery model with service level agreements

Delivering Hands-On Experience Online

  • The lab solution is an online, remote accessible laboratory environment providing students with a real-world hands-on experience that provides the necessary skills-set readiness needed to perform entry-level security practitioner support.
  • All 130 hands-on labs were designed and built by lab engineers consisting of CISSP┬« and CEH┬« certified Cyber Security professionals. Our applied, hands-on labs mimic what real-world black-hat hackers and white-hat hackers use to perform security attacks, assessments, and compliance testing of security controls and security countermeasures.
  • InfoSec's complete curriculum solution can be customized to fit your degree program requirements.