A Complete Solution for Maintaining Your Existing Information Security Certifications

In today’s fast growing and ever-changing cyber arena, professionals are tasked with obtaining and maintaining industry certifications. These certifications play a pivotal role in our cyber infrastructure to validate skills and supply the workforce with qualified employees.

Infosec is committed to helping professionals maintain their certifications with a simple and intuitive offering. This offering allows a professional to not only track and edit their certifications in real time, but also take the needed courses for continuing education credit. When the time for renewal or verification comes, there is no more scrambling to find documents, Infosec keeps them all in one place for you.

Infosec’s main goal is to deliver the best possible user experience, with choice, and no strings attached. Professionals can choose to simply use our Professional Profile Tool alone or they can upgrade their subscription to include unlimited access to all the Infosec courses. These courses can be taken completely online for continuing education credit.

We realize there is more to maintaining your certification than just taking courses. Every certification allows credit for many things, like teaching, conferences, and writing to name a few. This is why we designed the profile tool to allow for individual customization for each user. Professionals can keep all their needed information in one place along with the proof documents necessary for re-certification.

Companies and organizations need ways to track their members

Infosec recognizes the need for companies and organizations to view and track the certifications of their employees or members. Knowing exactly what certifications their employees have, how long they have until re-certification, and giving them the most cost effective way to earn continuing education credit is vital.

With our administration tool, a company can view all of their employee’s profiles, their certifications, and when they expire. They have the ability to sort by any number of variables, including specific certifications, when they expire, and current credits. It also allows them the ability to deliver a report in PDF or Excel format to any client whose project demands certain certifications and time frames.

Delivering a Cost Effective Hands-On Way to Manage and Maintain Your Professional Certification

Profile Tool:

$4.99 per month