About Us

Educate. Train. Prepare.

Infosec Learning was created to leverage disruptive networking technology enabling dramatic education, training, and preparation improvement of IT professionals globally. Led by an experienced team of educators and technologists, we deliver the hands on experience to learn or prove a skill.

Who do we work with?

We work with schools, businesses, and organization wanting to train or assess nearly any cyber or information security skill. We take the hassle out of delivering world-class hands on labs. If you have ever had any of the below issues, it’s time to think about what Infosec can do for you.

  • Large upfront expense for purchasing servers, licenses, and equipment.
  • A full time IT employee.
  • Keeping all your software and equipment up to date.
  • Inability to rapidly scale with a large number of users.
  • Help desk support for your end users.
  • Inability to update and or virtualize your current labs.
  • Have a need to create specific labs to demonstrate a specific skill or concept.

Why Infosec Learning?

Infosec Learning provides a unique, online, operationally realistic environment to practice and apply what you learned. This creates a game-changing ability to defend your cyber network. There’s simply no better way to educate, train, and prepare the current and future cyber workforce for today’s threats, while providing the foundational knowledge to “think on your feet” and adapt to future threats.